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WebGet v2.5

An nice and full featured file hosting script some quick features: no mysql needed, paypal integration, multiple upload methods, huge file uploads and many more, click the read more button

All payments are processed securely with PayPal

Alternative payment method: (฿)

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What is WebGet?

If you are looking for a script that will allow you to keep up with a lot of flies and larger files. Webget is the best hosting script you will find that runs SQLITE. It can also integrate with PayPal API payments. The script comes with the complete source code and PSD files. There are some restrictions with the script like you cannot resell it, you cannot redistribute it, and you cannot use parts to power other software.

The script is easy to use, and you do not have to be a computer expert to understand Webget. It supports the following browsers IE8, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera. This means that it is compatible with most browsers on most computers. The majority of computers use scripts like this to avoid filling up their hard drive with large files and pictures. It makes it a lot easier to store and organize your files.

Webget does not require mysql and allows banner ads for users. You can upload the files in multiple ways, and upload larger files. You simply need to be running PHP5 with SQLite3 on an apache web server. All you need to install WebGet is to edit a config file and then upload it to your server. All payments are securely processed through PayPal. Webget is only $35.00 for all the great features you get with it. If you are not sure about it you can check out the demo online to see what it is all about.


  • =2.5=
  • Typos and fixes for Administration Area files / users and search function and pagination issues
  • Support for SMTP Mail Servers
  • New and improved remote upload function that supports Progress Bar (requires PHP v5.3+)
  • System check function to help installation...
  • Support added for Amazon S3 Cloud Storage API
  • Full script configuration moved to config.php file
  • BitCoin API update to v3 from coinify.com. Now it supports all Digital Currencies
  • Limit Members/Premium by Upload KB and/or Total Files Uploaded
  • Updated user levels and members now gets 3 months free premium upon registration
  • =2.2=
  • Intelligent SHA1 file ban system for the admin
  • WebGet now can keep stats of downloaded files for each user!
  • Fixes and some security fixes for the script all around...
  • Bugfixes: After download the browser freeze. Now its fixed. Plus download fucntion optimized to work with Android devices and possible other mobile platforms. Login/Register Security optimizations and a basic Antileech system implemented.
  • WebGet now uses PHP PDO for database support includes sqlite3 and mysql and more!
  • Hipay removed, New payment module for Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency) maybe the future of online anonymous payments.
  • New translation system array based not using Gettext Php module anymore easy to edit
  • New database engine that will support now sqlite3 and future mysql both with php pdo drivers
  • Reset of the demo page as i update the script with new fixes and features check it out!
  • Hotfix in some hosts download class do not work as intended / speed limiter / resume support etc etc.
  • Both upload methods supported default is with the latest standards and support huge file uploads.
  • Config changed now you can edit there the download wait time/speeds.
  • Extra folder created with some extra useful files for the script.
  • Send mail to friend with download links fixed!


The script comes with complete source code and PSD files. You are allowed to modify it to your liking, and if you are a web developer or designer, you can even install it on your client's sites.

There are, however, a few limitations:

  • You cannot resell this script
  • You cannot redistribute, or otherwise make available any version of the script, or parts of the script
  • You cannot use parts of the script to power other software.

For example you cannot turn WebGet into a WordPress plugin and offer it for sale. You also cannot reuse the graphics, stylesheets or js files of the script in other projects

Contact us for any licensing issues or questions.


You need to be running PHP5+ with SQLite2, It can run in any web server.


All modern browsers are supported (IE8+, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera)


To install WebGet you only need to edit a config file and upload it to your server.

Remember first registered user gets admin access.

Before you contact us for any issues please read our general help page fist!



You can always ask us for installation support from our contact form. We will be happy to assist you.

Custom configurations and personalizations are available for a small fee.