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Script Help and Troubleshooting

This page is dedicated to give some hits and tips if you have issues with my scripts and or php. So before you hit the contact us form give this a read...

Most of my scripts provides a special configuration file (located at config.php) that gives you a great deal of control on the presentation of your website.

Text and editing

My scripts are all using UTF8 encoding without bom. That means u need a text editor that supports those standards. I will suggest some Free editors that I like below.

Sublime Text


Now that PHP decided to make MySQL deprecated its time to use the PDO Drivers for database support in our PHP projects. PDO supports a wide range of database types. For that reason I use the most common ones in my scripts the PDO MYSQL and PDO SQLITE. So in my scripts you will find the following code in the config file to allow to use each one of the supported databases!

$_CONFIG['database']	= xxxxxxxxx.s3db'; // database file for sqlite!
$_CONFIG['mysql']	= 'mysql:host=localhost;dbname=bitseek;charset=utf8';
// mysql pdo connect string change host value and dbname value!
$_CONFIG['username']	= 'root'; // mysql databasse username
$_CONFIG['password']	= 'password'; // mysql user password
$_CONFIG['usemysql']	= false; // false = not use mysql use sqlite instead!

If you are going to use SQLite make sure the file database is readable from PHP and chmod it to 666 or 777 whatever works with your server. A nice admin tool to manage and modify SQLite databases is SQLiteAdmin. If MySQL will be available for your script the file you will need to import in phpmyadmin it will be probably in the EXTRAS folder.

Script Specific Instructions


This script uses Cronjobs to be able to scrape other torrent sites. I use crontab (linux command line) to manage it and below will be an example use. Other similar approaches are used on Web Hosting Managed Servers like CPANEL or PLESK

CronJobs (crontab -e) (crontab -l) Linux
30 */2 * * * cd /home/public_html/demo/bitseek/cron; php -q yify_scrape.php
// add more working scrapes here like this above ^^
10 */3 * * * cd /home/public_html/demo/bitseek/cron; php -q zero_db_update.php
0 */4 * * * cd /home/public_html/demo/bitseek/cron; php -q longterm_scrape.php

Make sure you don't run multiple cronjobs in the same time.

Thanks. I will add more important tips when i think of them...